There’s always products we use and use and use and swear by. I’ve dedicated this post to my “empties”. I saw a YouTube video during the week where a girl did a video all about empty products and makeup. Clearly, I don’t go through makeup NEARLY that quickly so mine is kind of all random stuff that I/we have recently blown through. These posts probably won’t happen very often, mostly because I have to KEEP empty things until I have enough to talk about, but here goes round 1!

IMG_3839Nivea / Philosophy Field of Flowers / Philosophy Peppermint Stick / Big / Candle / Vitamin

This is a totally random group of products but I seemed to run out of them all at the same time! First is my Nivea Lotion which I purchased in bulk from BJ’s because of coupons and awesome pricing! Nivea has some great products and this lotion is more of a cream to be honest. It’s very thick and very moisturizing, I really like it. I like to choose lotions that don’t list water as the first ingredient; however, this one is definitely nice and thick and creamy! Does Philosophy make anything bad? I haven’t tried one product that I haven’t truly loved. Field of Flowers and Peppermint Stick are both body washes (shampoo as well) and I loved them. The scents are so perfect and you just can’t go wrong with anything they sell. I was in the peppermint mood this holiday and busted out not one, but TWO Twisted Peppermint Candles (which I just finished up yesterday). This candle, like the body wash, has such a great scent and doesn’t just smell like burning candle – it actually did give off a nice minty scent. Sometimes I would just leave it on the table with the cover off and not even lit. My BIG shampoo I have talked about before, I use this once or twice a week, usually after I put a lot of product in my hair so it de-gunks it and gives some life back to my poor roots. It’s basically just sea salt – but it does a great job and I hardly need conditioner after it. Love this stuff and I’m onto container number 2. My prenatal vitamins – kind of strange I know, but I just finished this bottle so why not throw it in! I tried a couple different brands and the other guy actually made me nauseas enough to actually throw up after taking it.  The One a Day’s are sensitive to my stomach and I don’t mind (gulp) taking them. I also recommend purchasing the larger package at a store like BJ’s, Sam’s or Costco to get the best bang for your buck.

IMG_3843This little guy ran out just after I took the picture so he got a selfie. The Cozumel Coral Reef candle my Mom and I bought last year some time after the season for super cheap. The smell is SO fresh and clean for a bathroom or hallway. I really loved burning this candle and wish it was a scent they sold all of the time.

So that’s about all, I hope you enjoyed my first “empties” post and hopefully I will have some exciting/random things next time. Maybe even some manly things. Just need to dig around the recycling bin a little better. I know – gross!

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