Father’s Day

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there and all of the Mom’s filling those Dad shoes, it’s no easy feat. But of course, the happiest of days to my amazingggggggg Husband who has been THE most amazing Dad to Brandon in the last three months. I knew he would be fabulous but I didn’t realize just how great he would be with our little guy. Brandon is going to have some BIG shoes to fill one day but he already has an amazing role model – both literally and figuratively, but he’s on the road to both. Happy Day to my Dad and Kevin’s Dad as well who we got to spend the weekend with while in Rhode Island!


I spent last week doing Arts & Crafts…having a photo-shoot with an infant and taking his footprints is definitely no easy task, but somehow we pulled it off.

IMG_5008We also had some fun on Saturday making a stepping stone for Nana and Papa’s house. Brandon was chill as could be while I was jamming is poor little feet down into the cement.

IMG_4993 IMG_4937


Apparently it was a week(end) of footprints because Brandon also made Kevin a gift at Daycare.

IMG_4903In other news (unfortunately I can’t post videos), Brandon has officially reached big boy status and has mastered rolling over from his belly to his back…unfortunately for us, he hates being on his back and lets us know! He’s also trying very hard to sit up by himself…can we slow down this growing up thing? Little man just wants to look around because he MIGHT miss something (totally not my child or anything…). He’s sleeping great and eating us out of house and home already.

We love you Daddy. Brandon and I are so lucky to have you all to ourselves!

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