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I haven’t done a meal plan in a while so lets discuss!

Over the last, well, 4 months or so I have lost my touch for proper meal planning to save money and be more prepared for the week. But when everything grossed me out and all I wanted was pasta and potatoes, who can blame me. Trying to get back on track and help our budget as well as waistline (mostly Kevin’s)!

IMG_3286Totally apologizing for this horrible picture quality, I don’t have an iPhone 6. HA Or any camera that takes decent pictures.

My shopping trip was super random today actually because we have a lot of food already. I definitely went for the Pork Chops to go along with the apples we were going to be picking. Does anyone else LOVE pork and apples for the Fall besides me? You don’t even need any spices! Sear them, chop up some apples and throw them in the oven or put them all in a crockpot while you’re at work. Delish. The shrimp is just for freezer stock. I like to have a bag of shrimp on hand for a quick work night dinner when we didn’t take anything out to defrost. Stocked up on Grapes and Raspberries because they were on a good sale and Avocados are literally always in my basket. I’ve been missing deli meat like you wouldn’t believe so I had to buy some. I went with Boar’s Head Chicken, low sodium, cut at a size 4. This way I can heat the cold cuts up in the microwave to kill the bacteria, then re-fridge them for a safe deli sandwich! I’m excited!

The beans and yogurt are also almost always on my shopping list because they are staples for breakfast and snack. Kevin and I eat egg whites every morning mixed with beans, peppers, onions and anything else we have on hand, usually with turkey sausage on the side and topped with Tabasco and avocado.

IMG_3190Again, it’s difficult to photograph eggs because they look less than appetizing! haha But I promise it’s the most delicious and healthful breakfast with lots of protein! I’ll even mix in a whole egg once in a while for added fats.

I’ve also been trying for protein packed snacks at work that will keep me fuller, longer. My two go-to’s at the moment are Peanut Butter/Almond Butter and Banana on Wasa Crackers or Greek Yogurt with fruit and toppings. IMG_3231IMG_3206IMG_3207I always choose Fat Free Greek Yogurt to ensure there’s no added crap that we don’t want in our bodies. I don’t like the fruit added ons as those are loaded with extra sugar which I think is unnecessary. Plus, fresh fruit adds loads of sweetness and tastes much more delicious. For toppings I use plain Oats and Slivered Almonds, and recently some Protein Granola. The fruit accounts for 1/4c and the toppings account for another 1/4c.

DINNER this week – in no particular order… Pork Chops and Apples with Boiled Potatoes; Moroccan Chicken with Soba Noodles; leftovers; Dinner out; Shrimp and Pasta. These should all last us through the week between lunch and dinner leftovers. I hate having loads of leftovers in the fridge so I really try to eat everything up before we have a new meal. Kevin has class Tuesday nights until about 9pm so I pack his dinner and I usually have something small and healthy, like a salad with Morning Star Chik’n or Quinoa with Chicken.

What’s on your menu this week? I’d love to hear, subscribe and leave me comments!

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