Filippo Berio Olive You

Changing things up a little and sharing some delicious Olive Oil for you guys! Filippo Berio is a tasty Olive Oil and definitely budget friendly. I know the oil and vinegar aisle can be totally consuming sometimes and you get overwhelmed and grab for the store brand. Been there, done that. I have bought Filippo Berio tons of times before and now I am excited to try their new Robusto and Delicato versions.

Olive oil has SO many health benefits so it was easy to add this into our daily meals without thinking twice. I went with a tasty Grilled Shrimp and Tropical Fruit Salsa because the Delicato is a milder oil and lets the food you are eating shine through. Try the Robusto in the Bahn Mi Salad Bowl for a bolder flavor. YUM!

Marinate the shrimp in some Berio, lemon juice and seasonings or heat a little in a pan if you are not planning to grill them. With a high heating temperature (375°F) there’s no worry you’ll burn the shrimp.

Other uses and benefits of Filippo Berio Olive Oil:

  • Use in homemade salad dressings
  • Use in the shower as a deep conditioning treatment or mix with organic sugar for a body scrub/exfoliator
  • Apply to pregnant bellies to lessen the chances of stretch marks, rashes and dry skij
  • Help remove cradle cap by massaging into baby’s scalp and washing out with baby shampoo
  • Protect baby’s skin and soothe diaper rashed bottoms

This post was sponsored by Influenster for Filippo Berio Olive Oil so I couple make an honest review on the product.

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