First Halloween

I sucked it up and enjoyed festivities on October 31st for Brandon’s first Halloween! We started the celebration on Friday when I brought him to work for our annual Halloween Party. Little man didn’t win any contests but he sure did look adorbs. He sat so proper in his little chair and ate lunch with everyone. Huge thanks to one of my coworkers for “babysitting” while I played in some games. IMG_6338We kicked off Halloween morning with a trip to the grocery store where Brandon was given a baby pumpkin from an employee.

IMG_6344He took a nice long afternoon nap, I rearranged his room and make it more “on the move” appropriate – you know, so his basket of books doesn’t fall on him when he uses it to stand) and then we got ready to go Trick-or-Treating with friends. Our nephew was the same age as Brandon (3 years ago) and we get to enjoy all of this hand-me-downs, such as this super cute costume.

IMG_6350IMG_6362No night would be complete without a meltdown photo and then our little man sleeping away on Daddy’s shoulder.

IMG_6351 IMG_6352To be fair, he missed his afternoon nap, is getting over a cold AND he’s teething. But he was a real trooper. Side note: mama didn’t realize those “booties” were supposed to go on his hands! #halloweenmomfail

IMG_6349Little man SURE knows how to pick out the good stuff. Find the bucket here.

We were lucky enough to be invited back to our friends parent’s house for dinner and relaxation. We had a delicious, culinary, meal and were able to enjoy family even though we don’t have any close by.

Sunday we kicked back, did cleaning and organizing, meal prepping and allowed this little one to eat some leaves. Happy November y’all! Christmas is only two short months away and I haven’t even BEGUN shopping. AHHH!


One thought on “First Halloween

  1. Mom

    Brandon makes me happy and laugh all the time…even in pictures! Can’t wait to see him again…next week! You will never regret ‘biting the bullet’ and taking Brandon out on his first Halloween, or any of them to come. They will be great memories for all of you!!! Love you all!

    P.S. – He is ADORBS!!


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