First Weekend of Fall

Grandma and Gran-puh came to visit us for the weekend and for once, we all lived life through our eyes and not our phones and THEREFORE have no pictures to show of it. We still have the memories, right?

After the zoo, Brandon was pretty tuckered out since he didn’t really get any decent naps. Normally, this would backfire on us come nighttime but instead he decided to take a nice snooze on the way to dinner and most of the way through dinner to give us the break we needed to enjoy company and have a cocktail!

IMG_6019 …and in case you wanted a close up of this adorable little manly man…

IMG_6017We spent the weekend trying to relax, enjoy our last meals on the patio and catch up on some laundry and shopping. It wouldn’t be a proper weekend without a trip to one of the MANY local Breweries. Brandon drank his weight in booze and it was fun had by all.

Sunday was more grocery shopping, errands and of course, FOOTBALL!

IMG_6028By the time bedtime finally rolled around, we were all maxed and ready to hit the sack – these two are cute enough that they get to crash wherever they want!

IMG_6036 IMG_6034Rolling into October we have some busy, busy weekends ahead from baptisms to beer fests to vacations in the mountains of Vermont! Can’t wait!


One thought on “First Weekend of Fall

  1. Mom

    I just love your LLL…can’t get enough of reading it and never want it to end!! Glad we are able to enjoy some of the adventures when we are together!! SO fun!! Love all of you…and especially the cutest Little Man in the World…Brandon!! xoxo


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