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Being fit and healthy is very important to me and my mental state. I can’t be the wife or mother I want to be if I’m not getting what I need. As mentioned previously, I have been taking part in some fitness challenges to jump start my fitness. While I was pregnant with Brandon I gained a total of 25 pounds. I saw the 160 mark on the scale and didn’t think I could get back to my pre-baby body, and I definitely didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I feel extremely lucky that most of that belly was Baby Boy! One week postpartum I was in my regular jeans – barely. Now 6 weeks out I feel like the home workouts have been helping, although I have a long way to go before I get toned like I was. Kevin has been great on weekends allowing me to hit the gym and really get that burst I needed! I’m only a handful of pounds away from my ideal weight but have extra skin that needs tightening.

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The left picture is 3 weeks post baby and the right is 6 weeks. I’m so happy being back in my own skin and my own body but I will be the first to admit I kind of miss being pregnant. I didn’t think I would say that!! As much as I love my little man, it was so fun feeling him inside!

Here’s a taste into what I eat on the daily!

Breakfast: I made some Egg Cups over the weekend (and forgot the hash browns!) with peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, turkey bacon and turkey sausage. I top it with 1/4 of a slice of cheese and serve it with sliced avocado and a dash of hot sauce, I like Tabasco. Sometimes I have it not in a muffin form with a slice of Ezekiel Bread.

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Snack: I try to get a morning snack in during Brandon’s longer nap. It typically consists of 1/2 cup of Cottage Cheese (the chalk type – so my Dad says) and a handful of Almonds.

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Lunch: I try to whip up a salad while Brandon sleeps so I can grab it when I get hungry and not worry about the prep. I use Romaine or Spinach (or both), cucumber, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, onion, tomatoes and baked chicken breast that I prep over the weekend. Sometimes I throw in some brown rice if I have it on hand. I top my salad with a simple oil and vinegar or homemade vinaigrette if I have it.

If time permits, I have eggs. I toast two slices of Ezekiel bread, spread on avocado (mixed with lemon and cayenne), topped with hard boiled eggs mixed with a dollop of Mayo (or avocado). Sometimes I make this for breakfast or snack and add spinach.

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Dinner: This is one of the only meals that is all over the place sometimes as Brandon’s schedule around dinner time is a total guess. I had prepped some meals before I went into labor so we’re still eating those which is baked ziti, chicken and veggies, meatballs and whatever else people have brought us. When we do cook, they’re been a lot of one-pot wonders (is this parenthood?) which are delicious and easy- and usually good for us. The key to making quick, healthy meals is to have the proper food on hand! I always have chicken (ground or breasts), ground turkey, rice, sweet potatoes, beans and fresh vegetables in the fridge – worst case scenario we throw it all in a pan with some soy sauce and call it a stir fry. We have tacos, turkey burgers (always have Arnold’s Rounds in hand too), grilled chicken and any kind of chicken and rice dishes.

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