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The word that makes everyone cringe come the beginning of a new year, Fitness. We have ALL said it, thought it, did it – “I’m going to get in shape next year”, “I will start working out January 2nd”, “I plan to eat right”, “my resolution this year is to workout more“. We all start. We kick ass the first 3-4 days, then we kick mediocre ass the next 7-10 days and by the third week of a brand new year we’re ALL back on the couch, stuffing our faces with cupcakes and french fries. One, because we got bored and Two, because we are mad at ourselves for giving up so quickly and now we’re in a rut until next month or next year.

Getting in shape will not happen overnight or even over the course of three months. It’s a lifestyle and it’s a new mindset. It’s not dieting, it’s not cutting things out of your diet or about counting calories. It’s about eating what you love, eating it in moderation and learning to make a healthier option so you don’t feel the guilt. But the other thing to help you accomplish your fitness goals is new workout clothes. Laugh, go ahead, I’ll wait. It’s true – when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you have the confidence to keep going. So lets help boost that confidence with some new apparel to keep us looking hot in the gym or at home.

workoutSneakers are THE most important thing when it comes to working out. If you want to get technical, have different styles for each day of training – but you can cross that bridge when you get to it. Something substantial, good grip and comfortable to run, walk or weight lift. Right behind the sneakers (for me) are sports bras and headphones! I like a sports bra that isn’t too thick and bulky, but supportive and lets my skin breathe. My headphone of choice depends on my workout. If I’m planning on doing a lot of running/jumping/bending then I want my earbuds (I swear by my Apple ones), but I also really like these wireless Jabra ones for weightlifting days – no cords to get tangled in.

Clothing is obvious. The top is just as important as the bottom when it comes to feeling good about how we look. Choose items that hide aspects of your body that you don’t feel confident about. If you don’t like the extra skin in your midsection, go for a tank that is blousy. Not a fan of your back or arms, opt for a cute t-shirt – black is always the best choice!

Yoga pants, yoga pants, yoga pants! Buy em, wear em, love em! But I suggest having clothes that are strictly for the gym. Not ones you slip into when you walk in the door after work. That way, your mind is saying “it’s time to sweat, not time to slouch”. These leggings or this cute sweats will get you in the frame of mind right away! The last thing is a no-brainer…find yourself a cute water bottle. These two from Kate Spade are just adorable, but Whole Foods has cute glass ones or splurge the $1 at the gym for a plastic one. Either way, you must stay hydrated.

weightsAside from my mindset and my clothing, the other things that keep me accountable are:

planning my workouts ahead of time

making a gym date and checking in with each other

being mindful about my meals

allowing myself to have a rest/cheat day and not let it ruin how far I’ve come

The key to being successful is allowing yourself to rest when you need to rest and to cheat or indulge when you need to. It’s ok to spend 40 minutes on the treadmill in the back of the gym and watch people workout. I’ve done it. You get bored with the same exercises or just feel overwhelmed or intimidated with machines and other people working out. Don’t get embarrassed. You can ask for help too from someone you see or from the employees at the gym.

Plan your workout. Get in and out of the gym in 40-60 minutes. Anything less and you don’t feel like you accomplished much, anything more and you can get overwhelmed. If you aren’t a gym type of person, workout at home. There are SO many home fitness programs floating around the internet it’s amazing. They all have communities so you can talk with others and keep accountable for your meals and workouts.

I hope this helps get the motivation you need to jump start your fitness and increase activity. It’s always a work in progress, here I am when Brandon was about 5.5 months old (so about 4.5/5 months ago) and how I looked 2 days ago. I started and gave up multiple times, but I am trying to live by my own words and dig deep for motivation. You can too!



5 thoughts on “Fitness in 2016

  1. Agnes

    Yasss you look smokin hot, your abs are on fleek ;-)!!! First off I needed this post to keep me motivated! I love those green Nike’s they are casual and cute and would be good all around sneakers with a cute top and jeans too! I needed a good recommendation for Bluetooth, wireless headphones so that’s on point! Has your routine changed since you had B? What’s your routine like, do you do all over workout or do you train certain things on certain days!? Again, its good to be motivated by you 🙂 thanks! Agnes

    1. Danielle Laroche Post author

      HEY! Glad it was a little boost, I totally need it sometimes. Take my own advice. I like the headphones – sometimes they hurt my ears and they fold for travel an sometimes rip my hair – but I like them otherwise. My routine is pretty much the same – maybe a little more focused. I follow a few blogs and then make modifications to fit what I need or what I can do (mostly at home). I only go to the gym on weekends which is a bummer but works for now. I have weights and resistance bands here so it gets the job done – 35 minutes a day. It’s one or two muscle groups a day with slight cardio. Let’s do this!

  2. Kimberly

    You are looking AMAZING!!! I am on this road of getting back in shape after all those surgries! I have made a great effort and progress, I am dowm 22 LBS now and in the process of working on those tough areas and working for some more weight off. I have worked well at keeping active daily, even when I just not wanting to do it. I have also been really well about not eating all the bad stuff, not at the house, I can not get it! I have found some challenges that I am working through on the fitness, but I just try and keep changing it up 🙂 Great work! Once B gets to moving around you will really be kept on your toes!!

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