Half-off Grocery Savings

I may have been AWOL over the last year but don’t think I haven’t been saving money and couponing because that’s basically in my blood. Last weekend I did my typical grocery shopping but mid-week realized I needed a couple things ( and stock up on great sales ).

I bought:

English Muffins (qty3) // $4.39
Cream Cheese // $5.59
Arnold Sandwich Thins // $4.29
Brown Paper Bags // $2.79
Tide Detergent // $4.49
Taco Seasoning // $0.99
Total // $31.32 ( which is ridiculous! )

Sales and Savings:

English Muffins (qty3) // buy 1 get 2 free // $0.55 coupon that doubles to $1.10 // $3.29
Cream Cheese // $5.59 // $5.19
Arnold Sandwich Thins // $4.29  // $3.99 // $0.55 coupon that doubles to $1.10 // $2.89
Brown Paper Bags // $2.79
Tide Detergent // $4.49 // $1.99 // load to card coupon $1.00 // $0.99
Taco Seasoning // $0.99
Total // $16.14

I could have saved even more if I had a Tide coupon which come out pretty frequently and a cream cheese coupon which I don’t usually see.

With a little wise shopping and checking out coupon fliers I was able to save half off my shopping bill for a handful of items that are pretty costly full price. Not everything I need every week is on sale and that’s OK. I try to shop the sales when I can and buy the larger sizes of items we go through often. A huge lifesaver has been the load to card option for digital coupons. It takes me two minutes to scan the app and load anything I might buy.

** added bonus, apps such as Checkout51 or Ibotta allow you even more savings by uploading your receipt ( or linking a loyalty card ) and taking advantage of items they have available that week.

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