Halloween Goodies

It’s official, Halloween is upon us so if you don’t have your goodies yet keep reading!

Brandon’s daycare has a little gift exchange for Halloween and I always try to make it a little extra special. Granted, I cringe at the thought of spending money on anything for the holiday but I did ( run, don’t walk to your nearest Michael’s and scoop up all their Halloween crafts for 70% off ).

I’ve been grabbing things over the last few weeks that I thought would be appropriate for kids about 1-4 years old. Target and Michael’s were the hotpots. I got a little pumpkin doodle pad and spiral notebooks from Target along with fruit snacks and stickers! I had glow sticks and crayons and Michael’s offered the stickers for $0.30! The best part is, all of these things come in packs so the stickers I split for six kids, along with the note pads and glow sticks. These fun trick-or-treats cost me less than $10 for six kids!

I had twine already and also found these cute “to & from” pins at Michael’s too. I made two bags age-appropriate (for children under 1) by adding fruit pouches instead of fruit snacks!

I hope this gives you a fun idea if you’re needing one for the festivities in less than 3 days!!

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