Helpful things Pre and Post Baby

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! We are laying low this year as Brandon is only 3 weeks old. While we wait for his next feeding, color eggs and prep Easter Dinner, I want to do a quick post on things that helped me while I was pregnant, leading into labor and the first few weeks of being a new Momma!

Some of these I have mentioned before so I’ll be focusing more on the labor/birth and postpartum days.

1 / I’m totally a stomach sleeper so the last 6 months of pregnancy were pretty awful. If it wasn’t for my Snoogle, I would have really gotten terrible sleep. This pillow was the answer to everything! I slept like a baby for most of my pregnancy with this guy.

2 / I didn’t wear a lot of maternity clothes during my pregnancy as my belly wasn’t overly huge, the maternity clothes were all pretty big on me. I swear by H&M’s 2/$10 cami‘s and racerback tanks. They run a little bigger and are super long so they fit over my belly from 12 weeks to 40 weeks. Bonus, the size small can fit me even now.

3 / I wanted a natural, unmedicated childbirth for a few reasons – which I will keep to myself as it was just my personal opinion. Luckily, because my labor went so quickly my wish did happen and I was very happy about that. I came across the Bradley Method of Childbirth late in my pregnancy so I could not take any classes to prep my ‘coach’ and I for labor so instead I invested in Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way book which was amazing! It explains everything that is happening during contractions and birth, I feel that the more you know the easier it is to cope with work through the pain. It was always VERY helpful for Kevin as he coached me through every contraction and knew what to say and how to help me. It’s fabulous for couples, but I would recommend the actual classes too.

4 / Aden and Anais Swaddles. Enough said. These swaddles are amazing for nighttime to keep baby tucked nice and tight like they were still in Mommy’s belly. They are absolutely worth the $20 price tag. These fleece swaddles are equally as great and “pre-formed” so there’s no learning curve on “how to” swaddle.

5 / Any swing! We were lucky enough to receive a couple swings from Kevin’s sister and we are SO thankful for it because Brandon will not sleep anywhere except in the swing. This is a similar one and hands down worth it if your baby doesn’t like sleeping on their back at first.

6 / If you’re a pumping Momma then the Medela Bustier could be your breast friend. You can do other things while pumping instead of having both hands tied.

7 / My Mom and I went to the mall the other day and instead of trekking the stroller all around, I decided to give the BabyBjorn a try and Brandon and I just LOVED it. Our little guy loves anything in motion – car sides, swing, walking…so this has been a lifesaver for us – even around the house.

Happy Easter from our Peter Cottontail to yours!

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