Homemade Baby Food

I think this is the happiest day of Mom life (besides Brandon’s birth of course), when I open my freezer and see itty bitty jars of homemade baby food looking back at me. I’ve waited for this day and it just makes me SO happy. Kevin and I asked for a Vitamix last year for Christmas to replace the crappy blender we had and to prep for many, many days of pureeing baby food. That time as come. As I mentioned in my last post, Brandon has been given the green flag to start solids….so solids he has started! So far so good. It’s been two weeks and he has had apples, bananas and sweet potatoes. We always mix Gerber Rice Cereal with a fruit or veggie and a little milk to thin it out. Here’s what I do:

First, we wash, dry and peel any fruit or veggie with a skin, he doesn’t need that fiber JUST yet. Then I slice and dice. For right now, I am buying Organic items if available but that’s not a necessity. I’m not a food photographer so bear with my photos…

IMG_5261 IMG_5264









IMG_5266Apples and Pears are pretty simple, I add a bit of water to the pan so they don’t burn and cook on low until they get fairly soft. The carrots I boiled (or steam) until tender and easy to mash.

I throw each veggie or fruit into the Vitamix and blast away! Two or three apples and one sweet potato make a ton of food for one little human.

IMG_5272After everything is pureed, I’ll scoop it into a mason jar and let it cool completely (and maybe snack on it along the way – best baby food ever!).

IMG_5276 IMG_5277








I just love making baby food for Brandon. I know what’s going into it and what’s going into his body. There are no additives or unnecessary things being added for preserving color or flavor. It’s just pure goodness.

After everything is cool, I portion everything into small containers (these little ones from Baby Bullet are ones I just happen to have on hand – minus the Baby Bullet). Each container holds a days worth of food (for now). Brandon gets half in the morning and half at night, both mixed with Gerber or Beech Nut Rice Cereal. I set the date on the container and pop them into the freezer. I’ll put one container in the fridge at night so it’s thawed in the morning.

IMG_52791 HUGE Carrot – 4 containers

2 Pears – 5 containers

3 Apples – 2 containers and one large one since I didn’t have anymore.

1 Sweet Potato – 5 containers.

Each container holds about 1/2 cup I would say.

Love seeing my little Army of men looking back at me when I open the freezer door. IMG_5282

Enjoy making your own baby food and coming up with new concoctions as they get older. Brandon has liked everything we have fed him so far and I couldn’t be happier. What do you like to give your little people?

And to leave you with a little potty humor THIS. Side note, a Diva Cup is a contraption used during that time of the month ladies. Yes, literally a cup. I laughed so hard at this! Enjoy!

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