I’m Still Here!

Aye Caramba! It has been a minute since I last blogged and I am sorry about that. I feel like life has gotten away from me lately and just been going going going! But I’m back. This is real life, it’s really happening! How about a quick run down of some meal planning??

Last week’s Meatless Monday turned out to be another winner winner chicken chickpea dinner! Falafel Burgers for all. They were SO tasty I was very happy with how they turned out. I have made chickpea burgers in the past and they were ok, but the recipe I used this time knocked it out of the park!

IMG_2211 IMG_2214Shut up! Right!?! Topped with the pickled red peppers. AH! So good.

In other news, I have a new favorite beverage I’ve been trying at Starbucks. DUH, the ads all make it look SO delicious, so I sucked it up and ordered a Iced Vanilla Macchiato. I can’t say I was wowed off the planet or anything, the (fake?) caramel flavoring or something throws me for a loop. But other than that and the hefty ($4.5) price tag for a Grande it will not be a daily go to.

IMG_2219Look at that little delicious baby girl! Yummy. These will be killing me (and my waistline) this summer. No doubt.

Which leads me to this weeks shopping trip and menu! DUN-da-daaaa

IMG_2246I totally want(ed) to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our daily routine. Our egg white and bean breakfasts are so good and good for you but the added fruit will be a total benefit too! I didn’t go too nuts on the fruit because I hate to waste…but we got some oranges, pears and apples. Yes those chocolate drizzled rice cakes are TOOOTALLY good for you – and the Greek Yogurt balls.

Kicked off the week with a very tasty, and easy, Spicy Shrimp Pasta dish. You can make pasta sauce taste so different just be changing a few key items. Sauteing the shrimp in oil with some red pepper and also adding that to the diced tomatoes made this one pot wonder a win win!

Tuesday will be another newbie for us, Steak Rolls. Cut and flatten some Flank or Skirt steak and roll with veggies and top with a balsamic reduction…YES!

First I started with a Flank Steak and cut it into thin strips, then hammered the hell out of with a pot to flatten it a little more.


The steak needs to marinate for 30 minutes with Garlic, S+P, Worcestershire and Balsamic Vinegar.


Meanwhile, julienne whatever veggies you want…I used Carrots, Red Pepper and Zucchini. Cook for 2 minutes in olive oil and garlic.

IMG_2261Remove the steak from the marinade and the veggies from their pot. Roll the meat around a handful of veggies and secure with a skewer. While the meat cooks (only 5-6 minutes as the meat is super thin) prepare the Balsamic Glaze – reduce 2T butter, 1/4c Balsamic, 2T Brown Sugar and Shallot in a sauce pan. When the meat is done, top it with the glaze and enjoy.

IMG_2267They were SO delicious I could devour these for days! They are a little messy to make but well worth it! Recipe adapted from here.

Sorry, I don’t really have the most amazing camera for photo shoots.

I’m thinking tonight is Lobsta Ravioli with a Creamy Blue Cheese and Garlic Sauce. If you follow my IG, there will most definitely be some picture taking going on!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring even though here in the Northeast we are struggling to get out of the 20’s! I’m hoping another week and it will officially be flip flop season!

Coming soon, Easter Baskets for the Man in your life! <3



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  1. Mom

    Another FUN read!! I’d like to hire you to be my Chief Cook and Bottle Washer…LOL !! Again, you are so organized and so creative…YOU GO GIRL !! Oh, BTW, did I forget to give credit to your Handsome Hubby?? He’s at the top of my list too…!! Love you both!! xoxo


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