Jumpsuits and Rompers

I’ve been on the fence with rompers and jumpsuits for a long, long time. Mostly because being almost 5’9″ makes it a little difficult to wear a romper that fits properly and keeps my butt cheeks hidden from the world – not the mention it being short in the torso…if you catch my drift. I’ve stumbled on some super cute pieces (which I’m still nervous to try) but really, really wanting to! Personally, I want to go for the strapless jumpsuit as I feel that would be more flattering and comfortable on my body.

romperArmy Green / Strapless / Black / Racerback / Teal Romper / Blue Romper / Black /

I’m really digging the army green jumpsuit with the shorter/tighter legs. It’s so flattering and the skinnier legs make you look longer and leaner. The wide leg option is cute and more on the casual/comfy side. The best part of this outfit is that there’s no thinking involved! Does this shirt match this short or vice versa. It’s one-piece on and done. What’s even better than that is they are all well under $100! You don’t have to spend a lot to look great.

Do you have a jumpsuit or romper you love? Share which ones you’ve had your eye on.

2 thoughts on “Jumpsuits and Rompers

  1. Agnes

    I always want to try one but my height hinders me! And also I have a large chest so feel so bare with cut out ones. Probably not for my body type! I see you wearing one though you are long and lean!

    1. Danielle Laroche Post author

      They never fit from shoulder to crotch! I HATE that. haha It’s like trying to buy a Speedo back in the 90’s. I feel like I have to find THE perfect one to feel comfortable. Goals.


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