Kickin’ It Into Gear

Let’s talk fitness for a second. I have totally fallen off the bandwagon over the last couple of weeks months. It’s normal. It’s natural. It happens and I’m OK with it. It’s summer and I’m enjoying the weather and family time. Taking Brandon to the beach or splashing around in the pool is more important than being in the gym. Sure, I’m the first one to say that Mom’s need to put themselves first and I still believe that, completely. However, sometimes other things are more important at that particular moment in our lives.

I’m deciding to head back to the gym today (and trying not to dread it), and what gets me most excited about working out? New gear!!! I’ve seen a lot of fitness clothing/accessories on sale lately as we head towards Fall so what better time to stock up on this stuff than right now!

fitnessHeadband / Tank / Shorts / Shorts / Sportsbra / Capris / Roshe – Men’s / LunarTempo – Women’s / Free – Women’s / Sportsbra

Watching the Olympics doesn’t make me feel any better about myself not going to the gym. Sitting on the couch, watching drooling over Beach Volleyball bodies while I stuff my face with ice cream. I’m perfectly ok with this! I have always wanted to try the Nike Free but my wallet just woudn’t let me! Use code “BTS20” by Aug 16 for an extra 20% off clearance! Which brings those kicks to JUST over $50.

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