Last Week Recap

This week has completely flown by and we have accomplished a TON!

If you remember, I had gotten lots of Ultrasounds while pregnant due to the enlarged kidney in Baby Laroche – of course we all did some Google searches and it seemed to be more common in boys, we all suspected Baby L was a boy from that point. We were told a follow up Ultrasound on the baby after birth would be necessary to make sure everything turned out fine. This is very common and not something Kevin and I were concerned about. Brandon was prescribed antibiotics three days after birth which we took for two weeks, just in case there was some sort of infection. Fast forward to this week, he had an Ultrasound on his kidneys and they both look perfectly normal! He does not need any follow ups, hurray!!!

Next, because I have hip dysplasia, there is a good chance of me passing that onto my babies. Boys have a smaller chance of carrying the gene but we got Brandon checked out anyway. Our pediatrician always checks his hips but I don’t trust our hips to anyone but my surgeon in Boston. We took our annual trip to Boston with my family last week. I was so nervous taking Brandon and having it be a decent trip. Mostly because he only sleeps in a swing which we definitely were not taking with us. He slept in the hotel crib, on his belly, which turned out to be very interesting. ANYWAY, we had appointments Thursday morning with yet another Ultrasound on his hips and X-rays of mine. Turns out, his are perfectly fine and mine are doing well also. We were so happy to have GOOD news this week and glad our little man is healthy.

IMG_4483 IMG_4487 IMG_4488IMG_4459Brandon is happy that his appointments are all over with and so are we! Next is his 8 week check up which will consist of a number of shots – I don’t think we’re prepared for that. Argh.

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  1. Mom

    You guys have produced the cutest little guy on this earth!! You should be proud of yourselves…and we are proud of you both as well!! The long weekend in Boston was so much fun being with our family, and especially now with Brandon!! We love you!! xoxo


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