May Flowers

So happy to finally be into May, Spring, Flowers and our Anniversary month! Kevin and I celebrated our fourth Anniversary this week! It’s unbelievable how quickly time flies. We enjoyed a lovely (needed) evening out with drinks and dinner at a new Vegetarian restaurant we have been wanting to try! It couldn’t have been better….well besides the fact our cat was missing when we got home. But we won’t go there.

Here’s this weeks shopping trip, changing things up and hitting Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods!

menuWe’re doing a lot of cooking from our freezer this week, so the loot was less than normal!

Breakfast this week with alternate between: Blue Hill Yogurt (check out their Beet flavor), Egg Whites and Beans and Ezekiel Bread with mashed Avocado!

Lunch: Tried last week and I am OBSESSED, Ground turkey topped with homemade salsa (with corn and edamame) and mashed avocado.

Dinners: Monday (pasta with cheakpea meatballs), Tuesday (healthy sweet and sour chicken), Wednesday (spicy chicken with naan), Thursday (chicken with orzo and artichokes), Friday (leftovers or dinner out!)

*there are some other items above most of which we use for snacks. We eat breakfast at home every morning, my first snack happens around 1030/11 which consists of Cottage Cheese and Almonds with a second snack around 1230/1 of an Apple and Cheese. Yes. I eat a lot. YUM.

Happy First-full-week of May!

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  1. Mom

    Your menu was interesting, but not very appetizing…lol !! You eat things I have never even purchased!! I’m proud and impressed though….!! You two are the BEST, and may you have a zillion more Happy and Healthy Anniversarys together!


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