Meal Planning

I don’t want to call this a resolution, but a couple things Kevin and I are really trying to focus on, is our meal planning and trying to have “Meatless Monday’s”. Aside from that, I am really trying to focus on my workouts and planning those out before I walk through the gym doors so I’m not wasting time wandering around or doing the same routine! Besides using meal planning to stay organized, I feel it also helps cut our grocery bill since I’m not reaching for extra food that, in reality, is going to go bad and be thrown out!

I keep two binders. One large one which houses all of my recipes (tried and true as well as newbies) and another smaller binder with the recipes for the month or so. I try to group the recipes together with similar ingredients so I can buy in bulk for 1-2 weeks (such as a 5lb bag of carrots instead of 1lb). I then make a shopping list for the month (or however far ahead I have planned my meals) and I put each week on a separate list (repeating the same ingredients so I can check “stock” prior to each trip).

plannerI plan the meals on the Month layout and I plan my workouts on the Weekly layout. It just works for me to it keep both separate.

GroceriesHere are some of the items from this weeks Shopping Trip. I’m prepping for Ground Turkey Stuffed Cabbage, Vegetarian Pot Pie (Meatless Monday) and Sweet Potato Burgers…I think Kevin’s Homemade Pizza is on the menu later in the week as well!

I grocery shop Saturday mornings and usually do some meal prep Sunday morning. I’m an early riser so it helps to get things accomplished first thing and be able to enjoy the rest of the day.

This morning I put together my Stuffed Cabbage with Homemade Sauce and threw it in the Crockpot – My FAVORITE kind of meal.

Cabbage1CabbageSince the trifecta – onions, carrots, celery – are in both today’s meal and tomorrow’s, I prepped veggies for the Pot Pie at the same time so while I’m getting my Workout ON, Kev will have quick meal prep after work.

PotPieThis is week two of meal planning and prep and so far it has been SO easy for the work week and no guessing in the morning of what we’re going to have for dinner. Kevin is GREAT in the kitchen (we usually fight about who’s going to cook – #firstworldprobs). But as long as I get the organization and everything laid out, he’s ready to rock & roll and I love that! Whoever cooks, the other cleans up and we both prepare lunch for the following day which can be anything from soup, salad, leftovers, sandwiches…it’s constantly changing.

This seems to be working for us! What are some of your meal prep, tried and true, planning techniques?

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