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Happy Monday Loves! Lets talk FOOD and FITNESS!

We all know I am kind of obsessed with being organized and doing lots of prepping of food and meal plans. Adding a newborn into the mix has made me even crazier with it. I understand “standing to eat” and “eating when I can”…who knew.

I had shared previously of the 6 week Bikini Challenge I was going to start and along with that came healthy eating. Luckily, we have been eating pretty well even when things are nuts around here and try to fit meals in between the 10 minute naps, etc. That also means we have to think well in advance to get things ready. Here is how I do it!

1) During nap time and after I wash the millionth bottle, I plan the meals I want to make and prepare the shopping list. Because meals have to be made quick and easy, the shopping list is not too bad.

2) As mentioned, look for meals that are quick and easy, but also healthful! We want fresh food and nothing processed. Go for veggies, beans, brown rice, turkey and chicken. Shop the perimeters of the grocery store.

3) Going along with the above, know what you will do during each nap time. First nap – wash dishes, second nap – cook/chop/prep.

4) Shopping. I try to go grocery shopping early Saturday morning so it’s out of the way. After that, I start prepping. I cook bacon (in the oven) and sausage for breakfast – I also chop onions, peppers and drain beans for our breakfast omelets. I also bake some chicken breast or tenderloins and cook brown rice to have during the week on salad or for a quick dinner.


Aside from the prep to help with healthy eating, I have been taking part in a fitness challenge as talked about in a previous post. This has posed to be the most difficult thing to do with a newborn. I’m doing an Ab Challenge mixed with a 6 week Bikini Challenge. Wish me and my flab luck!

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