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I started this post months and months ago and never actually got around to posting it – therefore, there are a few more additions to the original photo.

It’s that time again, lets talk about some products – good and bad – so I can fill our recycling bin and stop storing empty bottles. You’re welcome Mr. Trash Collector Recycling Guy.

FullSizeRenderLet’s begin with the thumbs-down, not so great products.

Olay / Olay 7-in-one Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Tinted Foundation – My Mom purchased these and wasn’t really using them or didn’t enjoy them so she gave them to me to use. I used them but obviously don’t need Anti-Aging formula. I don’t love or hate these products, I used them because they were there. The smell is nice, I didn’t think the tinted moisturizer had any coverage. They were find for what they were.

Nivea / Nivea Enriched Body Lotion / I think I posted about this stuff months back about all positives but now I’m not so sure about it. It’s thick, yes, but I just find it to be kind of “eh”. The smell is ok, it’s moisturizing but doesn’t necessarily make my skin super soft after.

Dove / Dove go fresh Body Mist / I think this was another purchase from my Mom and once again I used it because I had it. I don’t mind it either way. The smell is nice, it’s refreshing…I usually use it after my shower if it’s before bed or I’m not going anywhere and don’t want to waste perfume. It’s nice, but body mists are not something I lean towards typically.

Now for the goodies!

L’Oreal / L’Oreal True Match Foundation / Every makeup guru on YouTube raves about this foundation so last summer I caved in and bought it…what a treat! I really love this foundation and the number of shades they have is phenomenal. It’s lightweight, great coverage and lasts all day. I will say, by the end of the day I can’t wait to wash my face but other than that, A+!

Avon / Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation (not available) / I haven’t worn this foundation in a long time. I kept the tube so I would know what to re-order because I really liked it. I do not believe this exact formula is offered anymore. I did really like it. It was lightweight and nice coverage.

Bath and Body Works / A Thousand Wishes Body Wash / I can’t say I LOVE B&BW products but I don’t hate them either. I prefer the hand soaps more than the body washes and body sprays. But as I’ve said before, I will use up anything that is given to me. Some of the body washes are definitely great smelling though!

Bath and Body Works / Eucalyptus Mint Hand Soap / And while I’m thinking about it, Crisp Morning Air (not available). I do like the hand soap from B&BW, they are heavily fragranced and seem to get the job done.

Bath and Body Works / Stress Relief Candle / This is another item I do enjoy from B&BW. Their candles smell so good and last quite a while. If you can catch them during a 2/$22 sale and $10 off $30 (online) you can get them for a great price.

Philosophy / Hope in a Jar / I’ve talked about this product before so I don’t want to sound like a broken record….I love it. You should try it. Period.

Lush / BIG Shampoo / Again, I’ve talked about this item before and I still really like it. It’s pricey but worth it.

A couple items snuck into the empty pile between when I took the picture and started posting.

IMG_4661Nivea / After Shave Balm / Here’s a manly item for you! Kevin uses this after he shaves and likes it, plus it smells good too!

Nivea / Lip Balm / Do we see a trend here? I swear by this lip balm! I have all different “flavors” but it’s been so great on chapped lips. I don’t like fruity ones…just the original/minty/moisture ones. Thumbs up.

Colgate / Peroxyl Oral Cleanser / Kevin uses this as a mouth rinse when he gets a canker sore in his mouth. He seems to like it…I don’t get them so I can’t comment. Give it a try!

IMG_5356Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “we get it, you like Philosophy”…fact. I go through the Hope in a Jar faster than anything. Y’all know, I love it! I have a sample of their new Renewed Hope, and I think I love it better than the original formulation. Oy vey. If you could see the other half of my bathroom counter you’d think I was sponsored by them or something. #iwish

Dirt / Kevin goes back and forth between short hair and long’ish hair. He was recommend this stuff by a friend and I had to trek all over NYC to find it. It has a great scent and is a good texturizing hold for mens short hair. Found on Amazon or Duane Reade.

Caress / I think this was in my stocking or something. I don’t typically (I actually never) buy myself body wash so I rely on gifts from other people. Sometimes I’m so grossed out by the scent I end up dumping it or just keep pushing it to the side. This stuff is spot on. I love the smell of this, it has great lather and you actually see the bottle getting emptier. Is it just me, or do some things never seem to get any lower? I may be a fan of Caress from here on out.

FINALLY, Revlon Colorstay / I know I posted the L’oreal True Match in the beginning, but this is a close runner up. I had this Foundation before buying the L’oreal and I like it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the weight, it’s a bit heavier than the True Match, but still a good full coverage foundation.

Glad to finally get this post out, time to start collecting more empties! What are you fabs or flops?


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