New Year, New You

Happy New Year!! 2015 will certainly be THE most exciting year for the Laroche household and I couldn’t be more excited (or anxious). With 10 weeks left until my due date it’s time to crack down on 1 – organization, 2 – health, 3 – fitness, 4 – relaxation! Here are some things to keep Kevin and I on track for the coming months to better ourselves and to prepare for the little one!

 This helps cover Organization as well as Health!IMG_3808I asked for a new water bottle for Christmas since my last infuser bottle fell and broke. With a new water bottle (with a straw to make for easy drinking) I feel that I can really keep up on my water intake to keep my body and baby hydrated and to prep to nursing in the months after birth. I also (always) have an organizer/planner of some kind that I keep in my purse. Some people use their phones, that’s fine, but I like to have something tangible where I can write everything down. Between doctor’s appointments, notes, pediatrician appointments, phone numbers and any other notes – I like to have something handy!! I love this one that came from Target.

IMG_3816 IMG_3819

Health and Fitness can go together since we need to be healthy in order to be fit! One of my inspirations is Fitness Barbie Lauren Gleisberg. She blogs daily workouts and meal plans for purchase as well as a new nutrition guide and workout ebooks for purchase. She does all the thinking for you and what proteins, fats and carbs you need while you workout. My mornings are starting out with a smoothie or spinach/egg white omelet or wrap which is giving me plenty of nutrients to start my day. Kevin and I have tried to hit the gym this week a few days – mostly because I just feel SO full after I eat due to a shrinking stomach I just feel to keep that extra bit of exercise to get the food going. My latest Starbucks splurge is Iced Passion Tea/Green Tea unsweetened. YUM!

IMG_3807Yup. I’m that awkward pregnant girl walking around the gym. I look good from behind and then turn to the side and it’s like WHAT WHAT WHAT!!! I’ve been walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes on a 1.0 incline between 2.8-3.4 speed. My uterus tightens up and I have a feeling to pee a lot during those 20 minutes but I feel good. I feel a little lame going to the gym to walk, but it’s freezing outside so I’m all set with that. I’ll then to VERY light free weights on arms or step ups, stretch and go home.

IMG_3821 IMG_3822


What New Years Eve wouldn’t be complete without putting together a crib! I had an urge yesterday to get the room together a bit more and set the crib up which took just an hour out of our evening. It’s perfect and matches the changing table so well. I can’t wait until this room is complete!

IMG_3826 IMG_3827 Zoe is still super unsure about everything…boy is she in for it! I plan on a Nursery tour once everything is basically all set in place and looks a little nicer. You know, blankets as curtains aren’t the classiest thing in the world. If you have suggestions for inexpensive curtains/blinds please let us know…these windows are that “awkward” size. Just our luck.

Hope you all enjoyed your New Years Eve and welcome 2015 with open arms. These next few weeks seriously cannot go fast enough. Sending love to all of our friends and family and all the excitement for them in this upcoming year!! 🙂

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