New Year, New You

Seeing as we’re already a week into 2014, I figured it would be a good time to share my January beauty favorites and some other things I am really loving for the start of the new year! Most of my items are things that I have been using for years and that work for me and my skin and others are new items I had been wanting to try and am totally obsessed with now!

JanDisclaimer: It looks like I’m a Philosophy sales person but I promise I am in no way one of those. I just love their products and they are amazing for me and my skin.

Hope in a Jar – I swear by this moisturizer. My Mom had a sample size jar a while back and she couldn’t stand the smell, so I tried it and it did wonders for my skin. I tend to get breakouts occasionally and this has minimized that a great deal and makes my skin so smooth.

Hope in a Jar Night – So this is a new addition to my collection and when I first opened it I felt unsure. It’s VERY thick (hence it’s for nighttime) and creamy – compared to regular Hope. After I use my Clarisonic or Microdelivery, I need to give my skin extra moisture and boy does my face drink it up like water. I have been using it for about a month and I really am happy with it. Not sure if I would repurchase it – but it isn’t hurting me either.

Purity & Purity Face Cloths – Purity has been my go-to along with Hope for quite a while now. It just works for me so I stick with it. I’ve never seen something just completely dissolve makeup right off of my face. It’s not harsh, doesn’t burn or irritate my skin or bother my eyes. The cloths I just started using. I will use a cloth to take most of my makeup and my eye makeup off before using my Clarisonic.

Microdelivery – This has been another new addition for me. I have been using it since Christmas alternating with my Clarisonic. Love it. There are tiny beads in the gel that exfoliate the skin ever so gently. I like this to get off the dead skin that’s a little gentler than my Clarisonic.

Favorites Kit – (no photo) This is just a small kit which has everything I mentioned for a great price! Small volumes in case you don’t like!

Clarisonic – Since I’ve mentioned it a million times already, I am loving this thing. I’m not into their Customer Service, though. I was given this as a Birthday gift, which my Mom bought a few months ago, and it was defective right out of the package. I contacted Clarisonic directly and they basically told me I was out of luck! At least the department store took it back and said that batch was ALL defective. Unreal.

Sigma Beauty F80 – Moving along to makeup, I asked for this brush for Christmas and I am IN LOVE. It’s a Flat Top Kabuki, about 6-7 inches long and it applies foundation amazingly well!

Nars Blush Palette – Sorry, no link, but this was a limited edition a couple months ago when I grabbed it, I really didn’t have much of an idea what I was buying as I really don’t know much about makeup – but this is amazing. Four blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. <3

Yoga Pant – I can never find workout pants that I love until I tried VS. The major winning factor for me is that they come in LONG! Being 5’8″ pushing 5’9″, it’s difficult to find pants that fit all over properly! These are long enough (they even come in Extra Long) and they are a little tighter stretch so all the fluff and jiggle stays put.

Infuser Water Bottle – I mentioned this a few posts ago, this isn’t the infuser I own but anything along the same lines would do the job!

Someecards Desk Calendar – Since I am obsessed with Pinterest, and these Someecards Meme’s, I asked for a 2014 desk calendar for Christmas so I could laugh my day away!

2014 Planner – Last but not least, a new planner! I didn’t buy this one, I just ran into Staples and wasted $17 on a boring planner, but they get the job done. Mostly, I wanted to use one for weekly/monthly meal planning. I have gotten off track the last few months with that and our grocery bills have gone through the roof. So by sticking to meals and a calendar, I find that we buy less!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my New Year, New You, 2014 favorites and share some of your own!

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