New York and Memorial Weekend

We couldn’t wait for this weekend to come and it was over in a flash!

After four long months, we made the trek to New York for the weekend with little Brandon man. Not only did we literally pack EVERYTHING the child might need for five days, but we also took Zoe with us for the trip. Can’t take one kid without the other one!

I ended up going home Thursday and Kevin didn’t come until Saturday…I was a little nervous having to do everything at night myself as it can be a little stressful especially when I have to pump after I feed the little man. We didn’t take the swing with us so I had visions of Boston all over again of him waking every two hours. My parents invested in a Pack-n-Play so that was Brandon’s crib for the trip. He did AMAZING in it and we have since transitioned him to his crib at night and not his swing!!! Big deal! He still gets his bath/bottle/bed which starts around 7:15pm and he’s to sleep by 8:00pm. He woke up at 1am, back to sleep by 1:20am and awake again around 5:30am – sometimes goes back down until 6:30-7:30am. He started that schedule Thursday night at home and he’s still with it. I really cannot complain.

Friday and Saturday my Mom and I tagged along with my Dad for his morning walk. It was nice to get out and get some exercise and give Brandon some fresh air. He loves his walks in the stroller and we had a good time.

IMG_4680It was a low key weekend compared to other trips home. We did hit up some yard sales and scored an awesome 3-wheel Jeep Stroller which we will leave at my parents house for future trips…one less HUGE thing to pack is totally worth it.

One of the main reasons for the trip was to take Brandon to see his Great-Grammy! I was excited for her to finally get to meet her first Great Grandson and she just loved him. Gram was afraid to hold him as he’s a heavy little guy, but she did and he was content! This lady is in her 90’s, give her some props!

IMG_4689 IMG_4695My parents had an “Open House” on Sunday so family and friends could come and go and visit Brandon. Sadly, we didn’t get as many pictures as we had hoped. Here are a couple, my little cousin loved him and my friend with her two little boys!

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Thank you to everyone that came and were so generous to bring a gift to Brandon. We all loved seeing you and hope to be back soon.

Aside from Brandon sleeping in something stationary (on his belly of course), he also has started sitting in his high chair! He clearly loved it!

IMG_4718It was an amazing five days at home and now back to reality, luckily it’s a short week. Saturday is Kevin’s Graduation Party and come Monday, Mama’s going back to work!! I’m excited, but in the back of my head a little sad. I’ll be working three days a week so at least I’ll be able to spent time with the little guy for a couple days. How can I leave this face!

IMG_4700 IMG_4727Big eyes and skulls for life! <3 I love my little family. Zoe is glad to be home and has been sleeping since we walked in the door.

2 thoughts on “New York and Memorial Weekend

  1. Mom

    That was the best Memorial Weekend EVER!! What a gem that little Brandon is! We loved having him here with you and Kevin! We can wait to see him at Kevin’s graduation party! Thanks to you guys for everything…and especially for creating such a doll-baby!! We love you!


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