NY for the Fourth

We had some last minute changes to our Fourth of July plans lucky enough that we ended up spending the long weekend in New York with my Parents. We made the trip with the whole family, even Zoe got to come!

I wish I could say it was relaxing, but Kevin spent most of the weekend working on his truck and my Mom was working for a good portion so it left Dad and I to babysit. Brandon has started this new thing of hating car rides all of the sudden and I’m not OK with it. It made running errands and getting out of the house a little less than pleasurable.

IMG_5039The BIG thing at home is always the Parade which was looking a little sad this year, not sure if it was because of the weather or just not much interest. But Dad and I headed over to town to meet up with my Aunt, Uncle and little Cousins. Brandon explains just how exciting the parade really was..

IMG_5059 IMG_5062I mean, seriously, who can sleep through firetruck honks!?!? This kid. My hip cracks when I walk into his room and he wakes up, sirens and horns a few feet away is like a lullaby.

Kevin took Brandon for a walk Sunday morning with my Dad while I went grocery shopping and apparently he didn’t like that much either, but when they got home he was out for the count while Zoe protected him.

IMG_5064Another week. Looking forward to some weekend getaways in the upcoming months! Maybe they will be a little more relaxing as Brandon gets a little less cranky! Happy Monday. I set myself a goal to bust my butt at the gym from now until mid August when we go to a wedding, I have to keep myself accountable and not slack off! Here’s to staying positive and sticking to it!

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