NYC Weekend and Shopping Haul?

This is SO much overdue and I apologize! The week has gotten away from me but I needed to share my weekend away with you.

Mom and I usually hit up NYC once a year (usually in the Winter, don’t ask me why) and do some shopping, some eating and Broadway seeing. Last year we had some hiccups with trying to get a cab on the coldest day of the year. Weather wise this year? Not much warmer. We booked two nights at our fav boutique, Hotel Mela, right in Time’s Square – there’s nothing better! Our backup is MAve, which is down in the Flatiron District. We hit up The View which is a revolving restaurant at the top of the Marriott Marquis and a late lunch at Carmine’s on Saturday. As if the weekend couldn’t get any better….we hit up two Broadway shows, Cinderella and Wicked – couldn’t tell you which one was more amazing!

IMG_1827It snowed too! But nothing stops us from shopping, shopping, shopping!

The weekend wouldn’t be complete with some a lot of shopping! Here’s a peak at some of my goodies!

IMG_1838First stop on our shopping adventure was, you guessed it, MACY’S!

IMG_1844I didn’t do too much damage since I knew there were other places more important to shop at! I got a nice INC sweater that was on major clearance – plus Mom’s discount made it cost next to nothing! I also snuck in some Under Armor panties for working out and a little something sweet for a friend of mine which cannot be released.

Next stop on the visit was a shoe store going out of business..

IMG_1839Minnetonka’s for $19? OK! They’re super cute and just the right price, I couldn’t say no.

IMG_1841 IMG_1843 IMG_1840On the way back, I hit up MAC, Sephora and American Eagle.

MAC – MAC Fix+, Eyeshadow in Shroom

American Eagle – Super Stretch Jegging, Lace Bralette, Headbands – similar here.

Sephora –  Of course I forgot my list of things I wanted so I had to go off of memory – saved me some money. HA! Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten, Urban Deday Lipstick in Naked2 I also wanted Native, but forgot. BOO!

I was pooped! We had a long day traveling, walking, shopping then it was off to dinner and to see Cinderella! Saturday had more shopping in store for us and really the MAIN store I wanted to hit up, Lululemon for some workout clothes.

IMG_1842I am beyond in love with this store! I have never been in one, I mean c’mon, the bag alone is just too cute! I got Crop‘s (really wanted the leggings but couldn’t put up the $82 for that), Tank with built in bra, a Sweatshirt on clearance, mittens and Boxers for Kevin. Both the Mittens and Hoodie were clearance so I can’t find a link! I can’t wait to save myself some more money and go back on a spree. The clothes are amazing!

IMG_1836Lush was my next stop, I really wanted to get a good clarifying/exfoliating shampoo so they sold me on BIG and the conditioner to match, American Cream. The girl also gave me a sample of R&B which is a curling cream to help de-frizz. I haven’t used it yet but will try that soon.

The shopping still hasn’t ended – did I mention Mom and I are BAD NEWS together? Yeah, it’s true. We shop till we drop and that’s no lie!

I wanted to hit up Victoria’s Secret because I had a $10 Birthday Coupon, $10 Rewards coupon and a free panty…

IMG_1845I like the Lace Bikini‘s by Pink the best, but this store didn’t carry Pink so I just got their version. I also got a Sweatshirt that was on clearance and another 50% off and an iPhone case which was 70% off!

I think that concludes our NYC trip and shopping haul! I spent a decent amount of Christmas $$ but that’s what it’s for, right?? We just love going to the city and making it a girls weekend. We had fantastic food, saw two great shows and did a lot of walking. It took me a week to catch up on my exhaustion! Next year, maybe we’ll try warmer weather. 🙂


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