Ocean Air, Salty Hair

We have made Ocean City, NJ one of the best (newest) annual vacations! So far, I’ve spent it on crutches, pregnant and most recently with an infant in tow. This year “fun” took on a whole new meaning.

IMG_5584IMG_55592013 / 2 months post hip surgery

IMG_07962014 / 12 weeks pregnant

IMG_3158[1]2015 / 5 month old baby in tow

IMG_55862016 / what will be in store for us??


My parents’ longtime friends have a beautiful house just blocks from the beach so our days are spent relaxing, shopping, riding the ocean waves and taking long (sunrise) walks on the beach with a babe who decides (on vacation) that 5am is a good time to wake up. NOOOO! Our visit usually consists of 1-2 trips to the casino but this year Kevin and I stayed back and had takeout which we were OK with! This close to the Boardwalk I just can’t see myself wanting to be out of my bathing suit and cover-up!

To top off the week, our friends got married about an hour west of the shore so Kevin and I were able to get out for a few hours and enjoy ourselves. It was a really great wedding with LOTS of dancing. Anyone hear of the R U Hungry Food Trucks? Yup, we got Fat Sandwiches. Well…technically, only Kevin got them because he ate mine!

Kevin and I took turns getting up early with Brandon and go for a walk on the Boardwalk. I would have hated this if it wasn’t for sunrises and beautiful views. My Dad would take a morning walk with his friend, Sam, they would push Brandon in the stroller and make it a guys trip! I believe the words, “future President coming through” were uttered from their mouths.  My Mom would babysit when we went to the beach and EVERYONE got Brandon time when we went to the wedding. It was another GREAT trip to the shore and we can’t wait to keep up such a tradition. Brandon looks way more excited than he really was at the beach. Lucky for us, he took a nap and didn’t eat fist fulls of sand! Win. Win.

IMG_5555 IMG_5548 IMG_5588 IMG_5566 IMG_5579 IMG_5581How a vacation spot just a few hours away makes you feel hundreds of miles away from home. We had another great family trip and look forward to future trips if invited back.

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