Our (constantly changing) Routine

It’s taken nearly 5 months, but we have gotten into SOME kind of routine which has helped tremendously to keep us sane and enjoy our baby instead of running around worrying about things that aren’t important. Here’s what works for us on a typical day – but as always, just when I wrote this, Brandon decided to change things up! What a sweet guy.

Monday-Wednesday Brandon goes to Daycare

  • 4-5am / Brandon will wake up for a quick snack – maybe 3-5oz – usually back to sleep. Kevin feeds him and either puts him back to bed or into his swing if he decides it’s time to be awake for the day!
  • 6a / alarm goes off, I pump immediately and Kevin makes my coffee, puts it in the freezer and feeds Zoe. He jumps in the shower and I get dressed. I HAVE to lay my clothes out at night otherwise I wouldn’t get out the door on time.
  • 5:30-6:30a / Brandon is probably awake by now. Kevin makes breakfast while I finish getting ready and get Brandon dressed and ready for the day. He won’t eat as soon as he wakes up so if we have to get out the door, we wake him up. Little man gets in his high chair, I make my coffee, pack his bottles for the day, get my breakfast to go and I’m out the door by 6:45. Kevin feeds Brandon and finishes getting ready.
  • 7:30am / Boys are out the door and heading to Daycare.
  • 8-4:30p / WORK
  • 4:30p / We both leave work and whoever has the carseat will pick up Brandon, the other goes home and preps dinner.
  • 5:15p / Everyone is home, Zoe gets fed, we change, I pump, we play on the bed and then start dinner. It’s usually something I’ve prepped already or something we can throw together quickly. Cook. Eat. See my meal prep posts here and here.
  • 5:30p / Brandon eats.
  • 6p / Clean up and pack lunches
  • 6-7:30p / We finish up chores, play with Brandon, sit outside and have conversation. Prep his bath, his nursery and his bottle.
  • 7:30-8p / Kevin usually does bath and bottle and bed so I can pump, make lunches or shower. Brandon is now in bed, we tie up any loose ends, get off our feet and catch something on the boob tube.
  • 8-10p  I’ll get my clothes out for the morning, pack up my pump attachments, do my hair, blog and then I find myself falling asleep on the couch. I’ll pump one last time just as I get into bed.

image1It’s a long, exhausting day but we have our routine and it works for us. It looks a little nuts, but at this stage in the game, routine is everything! Thursdays-Sundays are a little easier since I’m home from work and don’t need to rush out the door.

  • 5:30-6a / Brandon is deciding it’s time to wake up (yay).
  • 7a / Brandon eats breakfast while I try to make breakfast and Kevin gets ready
  • 9a / We’ve been playing for most of the morning. Brandon is ready for his bottle (5oz) and nap (1-2 hours)
  • 930-whenever / I do work, pump, have a snack, do dishes, shower, plan next weeks meals and make a shopping list…etc
  • 1130a / Brandon wakes up and we play
  • 1230p / Pump and then errands
  • 1-2p / Brandon has another bottle and takes a nap (1-2 hours) – unless he slept during errands which throws everything off. I do work.
  • 3-5p / We play, I prep dinner, Kevin comes home and we relax. Our evening routine is the same.

Being first time parents has been a constant learning experience. But being as crazy organized as I am helps make it work. The little bitty details make our days run smoothly. Taking Brandon’s food out of the freezer to thaw the night before, put k-cup in the Keurig, set mugs underneath, set out Brandon’s bowl and spoon, pack his cooler with bottles, chop veggies for our eggs, lay out Brandon’s outfit….these are ALL things I do the night before to make the morning a little less chaotic. I spend my weekends meal prepping so the evenings can also be stress free. I TRY to hold off on cleaning up and dishes until Brandon goes to bed so we can spend as much time with him as possible.

I’m exhausted just typing about our day forget about actually living it! Of course not every day is the same, naps can be all over the place, dinner may be hit or miss, Kevin may be working later than normal or have another obligation. Those days are a little more difficult but we make it work.


I’d love to know what works for you!




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  1. Mom

    A great organized family…..and a beautiful family at that!! Just can’t get enough pictures of that Little Guy!! Waiting to hear about the trip to Ocean City in your next blog!! Love you guys! xoxo


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