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The weekend is quickly coming to an end which means 5 more days of work, werk, twerk! BAH. It has been a rainy couple of days up here in the Northeast and looks like we have a few more ugly days ahead of us before it starts to be Springy again! I hope these almost April Shower bring lots and lots of May flowers.

It’s time to do a little product reviewing, these opinions are strictly my own and I was not paid to love or hate anything I am about to mention. Back in January I did my New Year, New You post with my favs. Some items were tried and true where others were new to my collection so I couldn’t necessarily say I loved it or not. So here is a quick update on my likes and dislikes for some of those items as well as some others not mentioned.

IMG_22931 – Now that I’ve had my Clarisonic for well over three months I can officially say I am loving it! It leaves my skin feeling amazingly smooth and healthy. I was lazy last week and didn’t use it for two days and I could totally tell the difference. I am just so fond of this product. I have the basic model, but I would say ANY of them are well worth the investment. I have Clarisonic Face Wash but I have not yet tried it. It’s difficult to stray from my daily products that are tried and true!

2 – Hope in a Jar Night (not pictured). This was also a new item for me and when used in conjunction with my Clarisonic it does wonders. It’s much thicker than the Hope in a Jar Day, but after being exfoliated, my skin just drinks it up!

3 – BIG Shampoo from LUSH. I saw a few videos on YouTube of girls really loving this stuff to rid their hair of daily gunk and build up. I typically have to use products to ‘tame my main’ so a good clarifying shampoo was on my lookout list. This is quite a splurge with the $26 price tag but man my hair is so healthy after I use it, I am very happy with this purchase.

4 – Noxzema Face Wash is Kevin’s go-to facial cleanser. We used to be able to find this nearly everywhere, but no one is carrying it anymore so we now order from Amazon. He swears by this stuff and is the only wash to not break him out. It does leave his skin a bit dry which causes him to steal my Philosophy. That’s not kosher.

5 – Yes, that Electric Toothbrush is supposed to be in the photo. I asked for one two Christmases ago and I am really happy with this product. It’s easy to use, timed so you brush for the proper amount of time and it’s gentle! Kevin liked it so much (he used to swap the head out) that we ended up purchasing another. It makes the tooth-task much more enjoyable!

6 – Last but not least…Organix Shampoo and Conditioner. Sadly, this is not a winner for me. I always wanted to try this brand so when the drugstore had a sale and I had a coupon it was the perfect time to jump on it. Organix is a Sulfate Free product (uses Sulfate Free Surfactants) which is supposed to help hydrate the hair. I have tried another brand of Sulfate Free Shampoo and it just does not work for me. I have heard others rave about them; however, for me it was a fail. Anyone else have this happen?

7 – …and I lied, this is the last one for today. IMG_2304For Christmas, I enrolled Kevin into the Dollar Shave Club. Every month (or every other) you get a shipment of 4 new blades. They have three levels, $1 Basic 2-blade, $6 Middle 4X and $9 Executive blades. I originally got him the $6 one but this month we upgraded to $9 to see how those work. He is very happy with this and I think it’s great for the price – and you never run out of blades. The Shave Butter and One Wipe Charlies are bonus items you can add on. The video alone is enough to make you want to try!

Hope that helped shed some light on products you want to try or have had questions about. I was in the shower yesterday looking at all of our products and felt so content with what I use and the price you pay vs what you get is usually pretty spot on. I’d love to hear about your staples and what does or doesn’t work!

Lastly, some meal planning! This is going to be an odd week as I planned and bought food for days we aren’t even going to be around! Luckily, I don’t plan for 7 days worth of food so what we don’t use Monday can always be used Friday.

In no particular order…IMG_2290

MONDAY — Lentil Burgers (cooked lentils mashed with frozen-thawed spinach)

TUESDAY — Salmon and Asparagus

WEDNESDAY — Spaghetti and Meatballs – in the crockpot of course!

THURSDAY and FRIDAY — Possibly one of the above meal leftovers or dinner OUT!

Breakfast this week will be a couple days of Tex Mex Tofu Scramble with homemade fried potatoes. Lunch will be alternating leftovers, salad topped with crusted goat cheese and Roast Pork with Spinach. I’m starving just anticipating cooking this week.

Hope your week is full of happiness and full bellies!


(my new Starbucks purchase this morning….shhhh, don’t tell Kevin!!)

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  1. Mom

    Someday, years from now, you and your kids or grandkids will love to read your blog…it’s like a diary. My Grandmother (Nana) always wrote in her diary, for many many years. I guess you are taking after her. I loved her too !!! xoxo Mom


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