Storing Clothes, Pillows and Blankets

Going a different route here and sharing how I have been storing things lately to lessen the space all the extra ‘crap’ takes up. Living in a condo means not much room for unnecessary items. Having a baby who grows out of clothes as quickly as he grows into them means we have a lot of unnecessary items…on top of the 82 pillows, 15 comforters and obscene amount of blankets shoved in every corner of the closet and under the bed (but they’re ALL important to have, right?).

When I first hear “that needs to get packed away”, I immediately think plastic storage bins. While these are a great option, they’re sturdy, hold a lot, pretty durable – they also take up a TON of space. Plus, how much can you really shove in them before they’re impossible to lift? I had the idea in my head, went back and forth a few (hundred) times and decided I really wanted to give those Ziploc Vacuum Bags a shot (similar here and here). I read just about every review on Amazon..some good, most mediocre but I figured it was worth a shot. Annnnnnd, I’m hooked!

DSC_0002I’ve read that these bags are good short term but start to let air in over time. I have not found this to be the case. I use the XL bag to store pillows (all 82 of them as mentioned before), but for real there are 7-8 standard pillows as well as a body pillow. That bag shrinks down to maybe 12″ high and about 24″ wide. I could add another 1-2 pillows no problem. The other two bags I have stored King Size Down Comforters (1 in each) into the Large size bags. I would guess the measurements of these about 5-6″ high and about the same width. After I vacuum the bags they are stored in the corner of the closet never to be heard from again. I do keep a couple pillows and blankets out for easy access as we have guests over frequently, but the bulk is stored away.

There is a max fill line (which I kind of pay attention to), and then a small flap where you place the end of your vacuum nozzle. The bag begins to deflate quickly and within seconds is ready to be stowed. Once the seal is broken, the items inflate and are ready to be used. I haven’t noticed any foul smell or strange stains on my items. I do recommend cleaning blankets and pillows before storing them to help keep them fresh.

The other (original) way I have used these bags is to store baby clothes! Raise hands for hundreds and hundreds of empty diaper boxes filled with baby clothes and taped shut with the writing “6-9 month winter clothes”. What a pain in the neck! I started to pack away Brandon’s clothes in these bags with a simple piece of paper that says the size.

IMG_8673The bags get bigger and hold less as he grows but this is SUCH an easy way to pack away baby clothes to keep them clean (free from the smell of the attic or basement) and easy to see through!

IMG_8674The best part? These three bags, including all Newborn/0-3 Months, 3 Months and Swaddles & Hats can ALL be stored in one of those plastic storage bins from earlier.

IMG_8675No more waiting to empty diaper boxes, smushing and rolling everything so they fit then kneeling on the box to close it. I am obsessed with these bags and would definitely recommend them for any soft item needing to be stored away (think stuffed animals too!).

*this post was not sponsored, I was not given anything or told to write this. This is all original content.


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