Styles for Less

I am all about finding a good deal and that means from the grocery store to the clothes on my back. I shop the sales and I also shop the second-hand stores for gently worn, broken in clothing that is comfortable and affordable! I’ve gathered together a couple clothing sites I love to check out on the daily!

thredupFirst stop is thredUP, they are an online Consignment store for men, woman, children and accessories which lets you shop pages and pages of gently used to new items all at a fraction of the original price. You will see their price as well as what the retail price was of the item along with the size, material and their condition. Go one step further and send them items from your own closet and make money once it sells to use towards new items! Use the link above and code SUMMER for 40% off your entire purchase as a new customer.

I’ve mentioned Stitch Fix before as a way to have a personal stylist dress you in the most up to date clothing at a fairly reasonable cost. I do find the prices on the items to be a little out of my budget but once in a while you’ll find that staple item and won’t be bothered by the price tag. You fill out a fashion profile with likes, dislikes, sizing and any other style information you can give them. Aside from that, you can make style Pinterest boards to add to your profile and your stylist will use that as a guide. Give them tips or a specific item you’ve been looking for and let them work their magic. Pay the $25 styling fee and that will be credited towards any item you choose to keep!

renttherunwayWith four weddings coming up this year (plus the showers and bachelorette parties) I need outfits for each one that won’t break the bank. I’m not one to invest in expensive, fancy dresses and typically wear the same one for years before I get sick of seeing myself in the same outfit in every picture! I haven’t tried Rent the Runway yet but I do plan to make my first purchase soon! You can order an item (choose two sizes just in case), wear it to your event and send it back within 4 or 8 days! The prices are amazing and the reviews really help you determine if it’s the right item for you. I’m really looking forward to trying a romper – and the best part is if I don’t like it, it doesn’t matter!! Use the link above and code FIRSTRTR20P for 20% off and $30 off your first order. I am not sure if both discounts can be used together.

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