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What’s a good deal on Diapers?

I started this post so many weeks ago but didn’t think it would be of interest to anyone…then I thought about it 645 times since then and decided it would be beneficial! I stocked up on diapers as soon as I knew I was pregnant and it was probably the best decision because those suckers are EXPENSIVE!

Buying diapers. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from the mini stroke I just had. Diapers are so disgustingly expensive. I cringe every time I see someone carrying a case of diapers down the sidewalk at our complex because I know exactly how much they just spent and I feel for them! I am by NO means an “extreme couponer”; however, there are some things I refuse to pay full price for. One being diapers, and two being mayonnaise. <– it’s true.

Here is how/when/what I feel is the best price to pay for diapers. I clearly didn’t have time to count the numbers of diapers we used on a daily basis, I did some research and have found an estimate of how many you will need for the first year and how much you could be saving!

Because each size overlaps with the other do to a babies weight, you don’t have to go crazy having a certain size all the time. Depending on the size of your baby, Newborn size diapers may not be necessary for you. We had 2-3 packages as gifts so we used them just because they were there ( Brandon was 7lb3oz when he was born ). Newborn goes up to 10lb and Size 1 fits (on average) 8-14lb. We can see how the two sizes overlap.

Newborn (up to 10lb)
Size 1 (8-14lb)
Size 2 (12-18lb)
Size 3 (16-28lb)
Size 4 (22-37lb)
Size 5 (27+lb)
Size 6 (35+lb)
*information found here

I have found the best place to buy diapers is the Drugstore with the Grocery Store a close second and buying in bulk is not necessarily a better deal. The full price for a small package of diapers is typically $8.99-$12.99 – this is a basic package of any size and contains 20 (size 4) – 35 (size1) diapers (the larger the diaper, the less you get per package). Stocking up on different sizes during sales is a must. The good (in my opinion) sales come around about once a month, so buy a bunch.

I shop the sales, cut coupons and look for deals that I can add onto my store card – here is when you get the best savings. For example, I grocery store soetimes runs a $2-$2.25 coupon on a package of diapers which I can load to my store card, stack that with a $1-$3 manufacturers coupon, on top of sales, clearance or any other promotion they are running and that could be a $5 savings on one basic package of diapers – almost 50% savings. My grocery store also likes to run “save $10 instantly on purchase of two jumbo boxes of diapers”, this can be great savings but I highly, highly suggest you find a manufacturers coupon and savings loaded to your store card.

Costs per size, per diaper
Newborn / 13¢ — 16¢ / not usually necessary
Size 1 / 11¢ — 14¢ / 840 diapers
Size 2 / 14¢ — 16¢ / 560 diapers
Size 3 / 16¢ — 19¢ / 1512 diapers
this will take you through the first year / total 2912
Size 4 / 19¢ — 22¢ Size 5 / 22¢ — 26¢
Size 6 / 26¢ — 30¢

Don’t do the math on how much that will ACTUALLY cost you because you might fall out of your chair. However; if you follow sales and try to clip coupons it’ll save you beau-coup bucks in the long run.

Diaper cost source

Diaper Bag Essentials at 18 Months

dsc_0066I’m totally “that Mom” who leaves the house to run errands and doesn’t bring a diaper bag. It’s not sitting by the door, it’s never fully stocked – as in it’s usually missing a minimum of two essential items. oh well. I’ve been trying to combat this lack of being prepared in a couple of ways… 1. keeping diapers & wipes in the car at all times so I don’t need to bring a bag with me for short trips ( this was a recent #fail because the last time I needed the emergency stash, the wipes were dry and the diapers were the wrong size! ) and 2. using a larger purse and keeping a couple diapers and a small package of wipes for emergencies.

Here are the items I have in the diaper bag ( in our case backpack ) when it is fully stocked!

dsc_0067(Vera Bradley Diaper bag from the Outlet two years ago – similar here)

– probably the most obvious item. Over the summer I always had a couple “swimmers” diapers in addition to the regular diapers because you never know when there’s a pool or splash pad right around the corner.

Wipes – behind the diapers, this is second most obvious ( I hope ).

Snacks – in our family, this is probably more essential than the diapers and wipes because Brandon will absolutely lose his ess-aych-eye-tee if he doesn’t have something to eat every 85 seconds. The new Little Journey line from Aldi has impressed us with their snack selection. Brandon devoured the Little Munchers in about two days ( along with my help ) and the Yogurt Bites are full of flavor. They also carry Puffs and USDA Organic fruit and veggie Pouches.

Toys – this doesn’t mean grab every single toy in the house and throw it in the bag. We typically have a handful of toys that ALWAYS stay in the diaper bag which is nice because you don’t have to think about packing some or realizing you forgot his favorite ducky but even better than that is the toys always seem new to him! The toys that are around the house everyday are boring. When that little book with the puppet shark comes out once a month it’s a whole new ballgame.

Powder / Ointment – another necessity. Brandon loves carrying around small containers of powder and now that he knows how to open the cap, we keep the use at a minimum.

Miscellaneous – ziploc bag and spare clothes for accidents, snacks for Mom and Dad, sippy cup, changing pad if one isn’t already packed, pacifier, sunblock and hat for the summer months and an activity books and crayons.



Thank you Aldi and Influenster for sponsoring this blog post. I received my ALDI Little Journey products complimentary from Influenster and am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.

18 Months

3Age: 18 Months

Stats: Height 34″ (93%), Weight 27lb 6.0oz (87%), Dome 48cm (68%) – I’m going to leave his 15 month stats below for comparison – Brandon had a growth spurt right before his last appointment and he had another one just a week ago before this 18 month appointment. He likes to show those stats who’s boss!

Height 32.5″ (90%), Weight 25-6.5lb (84%), Dome 47cm (55%)

Clothes/Size: Pretty much 18-24 month clothing and some 2T. PJs though – at LEAST 3T because those babies shrink so much! I always buy them second hand to ensure they are pre-shrunk.

Favorite Foods: He has gotten a LITTLE pickier over the last couple months and I think maybe it’s because his taste is developing more. The bland, no flavor, no spice option is NOT an option anymore. Sometimes he can take or leave meat – which is funny because when I was pregnant, ALL I wanted to eat was ground beef in any form. He’s starting to eat pasta and potatoes and LOVES fruit, avocado and anything he can dip in ketchup – sometimes you gotta pull out the big guns.

Diaper size: Size 4

How much am I eating: Still eating a ton. He has no off switch! He’s slowly being able to tell us he doesn’t want anymore which is nice….but that’s not very often. He eats 3 main meals with two snacks in between and sometimes a treat after dinner.

Words: “dada”, “mama”, “hi”, “hi dada”, “uhbuhbuh” (umbrella),”mem”, “owl”, “buhbuh” (bubbles), “apple”, “I mama (I love you mama), “mamama” (grandmama), “bubba” (grandpa), “nana” (snack), “ice”, “wawa” (water), “eyes”, “shoes”, “boo boo”, “shhh”, “up”, “off”

Activities: Climbing onto the couch and then walking all over it. Peeing on the floor. Playing outside (mostly just going to our neighbors house because they give him food), playing in the bathroom with all the hair and shaving products, watching Wheels on the Bus 500,000 times a day and anything to help us – set the table, throw things in the garbage and everything in between.

Sleep: I think we are finally on good sleeping terms! He goes to bed about 8pm and sleeps until about 6-7am. If he wakes up early, it’s usually because the pacifier fell on the floor sometime during the night – we give it back and he sleeps for maybe another half hour.

Favorite Things: Books. Music. Monitor. Remote Control. Phone. Bubbles or any small bottle or lotion tube. Not a fan of stuffed animals or anything like that.

Signature Moves: Giving kisses, hugs and cuddles, waving “hi” and bye-bye. Pulling every wipe out of the container when he’s supposed to be napping. Giving high-fives and putting his head on any animal that is “soft”.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: This is definitely the most fun age. He cracks me up far more than he drives me nuts. He naps great and goes to bed easily. He has started talking a lot more and words are finally starting to emerge. In social situations he is usually so good and goes with the flow, he doesn’t really get too shy (yet) and just walks around doing his thing. He’s got such a little personality.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Brandon is getting so smart and remembering things. He may not be able to say the words yet but he knows everything we are saying to him. He is really getting good remembering faces and names which is the sweetest thing.

4 5


Books for Babies and Toddlers

I have been dying to write this post and with summer in full swing and being pulled in 362 different directions I am finally forcing myself to get on it! Brandon has been loving books for the last 6 months or so which has made bedtime more enjoyable for us. Not only does he have to enjoy the stories and pictures but Kevin and I have to also. I can tell you there are a few books I get all the way through and say under my breath “that one sucked” and there are others where I don’t even get beyond the first couple pages. They need a rhythm, a flow, some funny voices and a cute story. Here are our top bedtime stories (and books) from pregnancy through 18 months.

booksI guess starting with pregnancy books would be a smart move. Less is more in my opinion. I want to be knowledgeable but not SO knowledgeable where I’m freaking out because I know too much. There are SO many pregnancy books out there and from my experience most are more harmful than good; geared more towards the negative and worst case scenario instead of the happy part of pregnancy. With THAT being said, knowing I wanted a natural, un-medicated labor and birth, I loved Natural Child Birth the Bradley Way. It was an amazing book of knowledge for Mom’s and Dad’s and touched on everything (even C-Sections). Pain is one thing, but when you can associate pain with what is actually happening to your body during labor it’s so much more meaningful. Great Expectations: Pregnancy and Childbirth was a great week-by-week read for what’s going on with your body, size of baby as well as life after birth. Lastly, Jenny McCarthy shares the real joys of pregnancy, birth and the early days of Mom-life in a hilarious, easy read Belly Laughs.

We started reading books to Brandon early on, they were probably more for us than him anyway. The plush, crinkle books and anything with some sort of touch are best for babies development. The Baby Animals Touch & Feel box set has been a favorite of ours since B was about 2 months old. It includes Baby Animals, Zoo Animals, On the Farm, and Perfect Pets. He still plays with them after all these months. Another favorite is Right At Home which is a personalized book of pockets. Brandon was given this for Christmas and can actually spend QUITE a while playing with it. He just loves the animals (they spent more time in his mouth than in the book) but now really loves to put them in their “homes” throughout the book. A favorite in our house.

Anything after the 8-10 month mark can be used for months and years after I feel. Pout Pout Fish or (Big Big Dark), Little Blue Truck or (Leads the Way), Brown Bear Brown Bear and Where do Diggers Sleep have been read more times than I can count but we all still love them! The Going To Bed Book is usually the last one I read before putting Brandon into his crib and Giraffe’s Can’t Dance is another cute book with lots of animals and colors to talk about.

There are so many more books we love, anything by Sandra Boynton, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly, Steam Train Dream Train, and Home Sweet Home.

I hope you can share your favorites because we are always looking for new books to add in the rotation.

**I have purchased myself, or been given as gifts all books mentioned above and all content is original and genuine.



14 Month Snacks and Meals

It’s amazing how far we’ve come and how much things change in just a year – is this the biggest year of growth in human’s life, it has to be! Anyway, along with growth comes lots of change – for Brandon it has been with his belly. It seems like everyday is different – what he likes today, he spits out tomorrow and vice versa but if I add Ketchup it’s ALL good in the hood.


DSC_0004We’re still making mashed/pureed fruit for him to eat in the morning for breakfast mixed with yogurt and cereal – right now it’s the easiest thing to be prepped and ready to go for a hungry man (since we all know he can’t wait 30 seconds for food to be made). Every three weeks or so I buy some apples/pears/peaches whatever is on sale (or fruit from our weekly CSA), peel it, cut it up and put it in a pot with a small amount of water. If I have any fruit in the freezer, I’ll throw that in as well (strawberries, peaches, blueberries). Cover and cook until soft – mash with a potato masher. We spoon the mixture into an ice cube tray for easy portioning. Once frozen, pop the cubes into a ziploc – use 2 cubes each morning. Brandon has been needing a little more to eat in the morning so he’ll get some pancakes, waffles, quiche or whatever we have laying around!

Morning Snack

When we’re home with the little guy (versus when he’s at Daycare), he typically gets a snack late morning (only because I’m usually snacking and we all know one can’t eat without the other one eating as well). I’ll either share whatever protein bar I’m eating, yogurt tube, cottage cheese or some other healthy type of snack.


IMG_8060Lunch is usually the easier meal to feed Brandon since it typically consists of leftovers. Who doesn’t love leftovers? Except, sometimes he can be a little punk and push the plate away if the stars don’t align perfectly (ie. the tray is attached to his high chair instead of him being pulled up to the table to eat like the rest of us). Turkey and Avo Sandwich, chicken, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruit, quesadilla – pretty much anything I can grab, chop and throw together quickly. I have a box of chicken nuggets in the freezer JUST in case we ever run out of something for him to eat.

Afternoon Snack

This snack also depends on what I’m eating. Last week I was eating cereal with almond milk. If he could get back inside my belly I think he would have tried because that’s how close to was to me while trying to eat my food. Again, depending on what I eat and what he had for morning snack and lunch changes what he has for snack. Sometimes bread and hummus, bread and peanut butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit…anything I can get my hands on before he loses his sh*t.


DSC_0568Providing Brandon isn’t in a fussy mood, dinner is usually a piece of cake, once we get past the witching hour (which is really any time of day Kevin or I step foot into the kitchen!). Brandon eats whatever we eat for dinner and usually “mmmm’s” through the ENTIRE meal. If we are eating something with a lot of spice, sauce or something not suitable for a baby we just make a small portion for him. Last night we had Orange Chicken and Rice – Brandon had chicken (minus the sauce) with leftover sweet potatoes and he couldn’t have been happier.


We really are trying to make sure he gets his calcium either through yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese or milk. Some days he would just rather have juice (I can’t blame him) and those days he gets extra yogurt tubes. He has been drinking out of a straw now for about three weeks and that has been AMAZING. I literally used every curse word on the planet every time a sippy cup tipped over and leaked because it was 155% of the time. EVERY. SINGLE. CUP! If you have a sippy cup that DOESN’T leak, please let me know because next time around I’m not cleaning up juice all day long.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-meal rundown, what do your littles eat?


Our (one year) Routine

Routine Routine Routine. I was the girl who rolled her eyes anytime someone said “I can’t because it’s during nap time” or whatever the story was. It drove me nuts every single time, I wasn’t mad, I just hated hearing that because I felt like, so what? Here we are, almost 14 months into this parent thing and yea, I get it. We aren’t nearly as crazy about sticking to a routine anymore but straying from it can sometimes be detrimental. Here’s what our typical day looks like (when Brandon isn’t in Daycare).

I don’t sleep in anymore, not like I ever really did, but I’m usually awake around 6-6:30am and I try with every piece of me  not step on the sections of floor that creek (that’s a joke because the entire upstairs is loud as can be!), and hope Zoe doesn’t decide to meow her head off before I get down to feed her. If It’s Friday I usually brew my coffee and open my computer to do some work before everyone gets up. It it’s the weekend, I head right out the door and get to the gym by 7am when they open. Kevin and Brandon are usually close behind and come down anytime between 7-8. Brandon eats right away while we make our breakfast.

After Kevin heads off to work I finish some work, clean up the kitchen and get my sh*t together to go run errands or whatever is planned for the day. I hit the grocery store, go shopping, get coffee, have a play date (eat snack) or hit the beach between 9-1130. We get home, Brandon gets lunch and takes a nap anytime around 1130-2 – if he falls asleep in the car during errands everything gets thrown off.

While Brandon naps, I do more work, prep dinner, clean up, shower or just relax and await his little voice. If it’s nice outside we go and play, run anymore errands, have an afternoon snack and wait for Kevin to get home around 4:45. I get dinner prepped and cooked to eat by 6. We clean up (pack lunch if it’s a week night), and have about an hour and a half to play with Brandon – whether we bike ride, play outside, go to a book class at the library or just play around the house. We start reading around 7:30, Brandon gets a bath around 7:50 (every other night) and is in bed around 8pm. I’m usually not far behind!

The only thing that really differs when Brandon is in Daycare is that we all wake up a little sooner, I’m out the door by 6:45, Kevin gets Brandon up, dressed, fed and off to Daycare around 8 and he gets picked up around 430.

It’s nice to have a routine and know that even on the worst days, that nap and that 8pm bedtime are in sight. We have really let Brandon dictate his own schedule. We never forced him down for naps or forced him to bed because that just never seemed to work. He slept better on his terms and that was fine with us. When we started incorporating his nighttime routine “bath, bottle, bed” it helped SO much and he would pretty much tell us “ok, it’s time to get this show on the road” which started around 630 at night so it was a TOTAL chaotic mess trying to get home cook, clean up and get him read for bed. Now that he’s older his bedtime has morphed, again, on his terms. If he’s the life of the party I’m not going to put him to bed at 7:30pm because I think it’ll take him a while to whined down.