The Green Mountain State

This past weekend Kevin, Brandon and I joined up with my parents and brother for an extended vacation in Vermont. We used to own a house in Southern Vermont, every few years we think it’s fun to rent OUR house and relive old times. It’s peaceful, brisk and (sometimes) electronic free. Although the house has been updated, it still has the same smell and feel and feels like we never left. My brother and I playing video games in the corner and the trips to the Clubhouse to go swimming. We may be older, but somethings never change and now we can share this tradition with our baby and hope to keep it alive as long as we can!

IMG_6191 IMG_6197 IMG_6203Mom bought a selfie stick….don’t judge us!! Wilmington is a population of 2 – so finding someone to take a picture was a problem.

IMG_6242 IMG_6252Brandon absolutely LOVED the pool. I remember home videos of me (a little older than Brandon) jumping around in this same pool! My brother bought the coolest floaty for “baby and me“. I’m absolutely NOT hating it!

IMG_6272 IMG_6277Gorgeous views, snow flurries and family dinners. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope we can doing this forever with our kids!


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  1. Mom

    Reading this and looking at these great pictures just brings tears to my eyes…what a GREAT weekend we had! Such wonderful memories and so much fun with you guys and Michael….you make everyday an adventure and I love nothing better than being with all of you!! Love you forever!!


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