Tomato and Corn Casserole

We are part of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and in turn we receive a share every week of fruits, vegetables and greens in season. Summer is our favorite time to take part in this because of all the products we receive. I love finding new recipes to incorporated items that I don’t typically buy at the store. This was the first week for corn on the cob and I was SO happy. If we don’t plan on eating it within the first day or two, I shuck the corn and cut the kernels off the cob and put them in the freezer to use in dishes throughout the rest of the season!

DSC_0056Tomato and Corn Casserole
Prep – 10 minutes / Cook – 30 minutes

6-8 Tomatoes / sliced
1/4 cup Mayonnaise
1 1/2 cups Corn Kernels
1/2 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
1/4 Breadcrumbs
1 1/2 – 2 cups Swiss Cheese / grated (or similar cheese)
Salt + Pepper (optional)

DSC_0061**Spray a baking dish with oil and arrange half of the tomatoes in a single layer / spread half of the mayo on the tomatoes / layer half of the corn, breadcrumbs, parmesan and swiss on top of tomatoes / repeat layering process, starting with tomatoes and ending with swiss cheese / bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes until cheese is slightly browned and bubbly / let sit for 5 minutes to allow juices to absorb

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