Week Three Menu Planning

This is going up later than I wanted, but it was a little bit of a hectic weekend over here so….better late than never. I hope you enjoy the third week of menu planning and meals. I’m leaving mid-week for Boston for an annual vaca/doctor appointment but I will try to throw in some recipe freebies so you don’t feel gypped.

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  I made a fairly large shopping trip this week because I did menu planning for the next two weeks. We have some traveling going on so it’s better to have the food on hand already so I don’t have to run out the day we get back to grocery shop. Been there. Done that. It also keeps us on track with our eating and not grabbing for something unhealthy. I shopped the sales big time! London Broil, Pork loin and Italian Sausages were on mega sale so I stocked up. This is what I meant in a prior post when talking about buying items that aren’t necessarily on the menu for that week; however, because the sale is so great I can buy it, freeze it, and use it in a few weeks and save $$.

DSC_0542I head out of town on Wednesday afternoon and Kevin will come Thursday night so we’re only really eating as a family for 3.5 days. The ham & egg cups were prepped ahead of time, English muffin pizzas are super easy with my frozen sauce cubes (and muffins which were BOGO this week). I boiled a bunch of eggs for a quick grab and go snack and the rest is history.

DSC_0538Happy Mid-May. I hope you’re all enjoying my meal prep and have kept up with me during weeks one and two. I promise to share some quick breakfast and lunch ideas this week.

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