Week Two Menu Planning

Mexican is behind us and I think Kev and I both are OK with that. I asked him what he wanted this week to which he replied “not Mexican”. I concur.

DSC_0429Here is what this weeks menu looks like. I have made Breakfast Casseroles for the last two weeks so I think a little hiatus from that is in store as well. We’re going to switch things up and have yogurt, fruit, and muffins this week.

DSC_0430This week does not require a whole lot of prep on Sunday which I’m cool with. I’m going to clean and cut some fruit, prepare the dry ingredients for the (mug) muffins, boil and peel eggs, start pizza dough and set up the crockpot for Turkey Meatball Soup.

I made my list, wrote down the sales, digital coupons and manufacturers coupons, went to the store and realized I forgot my list. FML! Everyone slept in on Friday so it threw my whole day off. LUCKILY, my memory is pretty good so I shopped based off my menu and I ACTUALLY did pretty well. There were a couple things I didn’t get but it was only items based on sales and not anything we needed this week.

DSC_0423I’m really looking forward to the Edamame Burgers with Sriracha Mayo and Turkey Meatball Soup in the crockpot. After last weeks, week long margarita adventure I’m ready to detox a little. However, if you can see down to Saturday’s meal 4 – it’s Beer!

DSC_0458Edamame and Pita for burgers, ham and pineapple for pizza, caesar dressing for wraps, granola, fruit and yogurt for breakfast and rice because it was on sale and I had coupons.

Happy menu planning and shopping check back Monday for more tips on prepping and some easy ways to store sauces, spices and more!

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