Weekend in NY

Fall is officially upon us, temperature wise and leaf wise. Kevin and I spent the weekend at my parents house in NY – it was a fun weekend filled with moving, exercise and leaf peeping!

I grew up in a very historic area and we are lucky enough to enjoy all it has to offer – even if we take advantage of it once in a while. We live on the Hudson River with scenic views, in the same town that FDR lived in as well as the Vanderbilt’s and a short drive to West Point – to name a few. Vanderbilt Mansion grounds are some of the most beautiful in the area which we got to enjoy more this trip than we normally do.  My Dad (and many other locals) takes his daily 2-3 mile walk around the Mansion every morning and Kevin and I decided we wanted to go too! I need to get exercise now more than ever. There are a couple of pretty gnarly hills but I made it up, huffing and puffing! Dad put me through the ringer! A 2 mile walk at 8am in 35 degree weather I’m sure is no ones idea of a good time, but it was so nice!

IMG_3370 IMG_3367 IMG_3365 IMG_3361Sunday I brought my phone along and was able to snap some pretty nice shots of the area and the sun rising through the fog. I pretty much dislike all Fall has to offer, but if I have to spend it anywhere, I would choose the Hudson Valley for sure – along with ALL the other tourist leaf-peepers.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning out my brothers room to make room for baby – sorry Mike – and putting the deposit down for the Baby Shower. We were able to check out the room and it’s going to be a pretty sweet layout for the party. The restaurant is one of the best in the area and right on the river – think changing leaves along water! The room is stark white, floor to ceiling with an in-wall fireplace. With our subtle pops of yellow and grey the room is going to come together so nicely. We stayed for some food and drink and enjoyed the relaxing afternoon.

It’s all fun and games until we have to come back to CT and reality. Kevin and I don’t get to enjoy Columbus day in our PJs on the couch so we had to come back. Our navigator was less than excited as well…

IMG_3374Zoe was great in the car…she likes her carrier open so she can just see everything. She did creep out onto my lap about halfway home and just laid there. It’s definitely a stressful trip on her and she put herself to bed as soon as we got home. We’re all back safe and sound and ready for a new week.

Kevin goes to Boston this weekend for a concert and then my family makes their way down here next weekend. Lets get through these next 4 1/2 days as quickly as possible!

Happy Leaf Peeping.

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  1. Mom

    Another ‘fun’ read! So glad you had a good weekend here and now we are looking forward to a fun weekend at your house! Will be great to all be together, as usual! Love you guys!


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