Weekend Recap

We can’t wait for the weekend to get here…it’s here, and it goes by so quickly! Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow unlike my husband! grr

Friday we kicked off our beer consumption by visiting Thimble Island Brewery, which is a new, local Brewery. I enjoyed their Double IPA the best. mmm. Our evening concluded by spending some time with our neighbors, eating dinner, throwing back some cold ones and chillin’!

Woke up to a rough Saturday morning – took some Motrin, ate a hearty Egg White Omelet with all the fixin’s and got ready to hit the gym. I had made plans to workout with a friend of mine (my college roommate – yay!), so this helped motivate me to not be a bum all day in my sweats – as hard as that was. We went to her local gym and had a bomb workout. It’s the days you don’t want to do anything which turn out to be the best ones. It was a really fun time and good to get some new workouts to change things up in my routine – I definitely feel some sore muscles today!

Weekends are much more difficult to focus on our healthy eating. Being home, having (sometimes) not so good food around, not being on a schedule makes you go to the chips and cookies more often than you would during the week. This is why my meal plan made ahead keeps us on track. There was no guessing, or figuring out what to eat….as much as we wanted to go out to dinner we knew that wasn’t the best option. One of our newer, favorite go-to meals are Sweet Potato Burgers. SO yummy! It’s really a small amount of Sweet Potato mashed with Cannelloni Beans and a few other goodies. We top it with a secret topping which we call “fancy sauce”. It originally started with Mayo/Sriracha/Cayenne Pepper. However, we all know Mayonnaise is pretty high on that calorie scale – as delicious as it is, so we have been playing around with different things and it has evolved into the healthier option which is Plain Greek Yogurt, Sriracha, Cayenne (optional) and Vinegar (optional). It’s just so tasty and contains protein! Win Win.


Which brings us into Sunday – the day of REST! We started the morning off with an Egg White/Avocado Quesadilla with a sidecar of Strawberries. * Side note – has anyone done Peapod? We did this for the first time, I find that the fruit is fresher than the store! Back to life. The rest of the day has and will be spent cleaning, cooking and watching the AFC – GO PATRIOTS! And indulging in Meatball Subs.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Aggie

    Our workout was awesome I was so sore all day! Good to go with a friend, cant wait to do it again! Um sweet potato burger sounds/looks yum-o!


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