Another weekend has come and gone and we’re back to the weekly grind! Fall is setting in up here in Connecticut but that isn’t keeping us stuck indoors just yet. My girlfriends and I (and ALL the babes) spent last Friday at the Zoo! Technically, Brandon’s first trip to the zoo was last year when we were in California – when he was the size of a sesame seed….this year he was just as excited about it!

IMG_6008 IMG_5986The little Prairie Dogs were the only thing I wanted to see and they were nowhere to be found! Instead, we saw lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Just kidding, bears just roam freely in the woods anyway. The Alligators were pretty cool though!

IMG_6007 IMG_6005 And this totally happened! Why not have a little fun? Brandon was a little angel boy so he was allowed to come out and play.

IMG_6021 IMG_6013 IMG_6002It was SUCH a fun day getting to spend time with the girls, get out of the house and see all the babies! Winter will be upon us all too quickly and we won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors so we’re soaking it all in NOW while we can. Love spending time with my friends – and college roommates and so glad we have stayed friends through thick and thin!



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